News 1 · HANS MÜLLER (el 9 nou)

The characteristic androgynous figures of Carme Albaiges appear again, mute, indifferent with an air of relativeness that brings them together and some very diverse attitudes, with the common characteristic of seeming devaluated, abandoned to the passivity and gifted with a kind of infinite sadness, which in some occasions seems a disinterested embellishment, …

News 2 · CONCHITA OLIVER-The disconcerting presences of Carme Albaiges

Just like the drawings and engravings of Goya or the paintings of Solana, the sculptures of Carme Albaiges represent plastically the absurdity and the folly of the constant dramatic game of mankind with its environment. A hero with an unfortunate destiny who struggles between misery and happiness, between truth and irony, between reality and dream …. in a convulse and violent tragical cult. But on the contrary of those masters, who were sordid and sinister, because they viewed their environment and saw the dark Spain, she looks how the people of our generation, inside them, and she explores the proper limitations of mankind, though maintaining this visceral and caustic aesthetics broken by the proper expressive energy that overgrows with a rumbling force.
Sharp and refined, rational and passional, Albaiges, with a determined will of synchronizing with human experience and of examining the deepest feeling, is an artist who does not admit any class of concession and who, with her work, sends us a critical and constant message, a shriek of alarm about our situation.

News 3 · Cover magazine santé mentale nº 183 -2013

One expects to fall flat on one’s face with a direct punch in the stomach, one of these dry punches that make anyone stumble. It is not without a reason that people talk about Carme Albaiges as a visceral artist, a woman that peels the onion to reach the core of her creations.
There is some truth in this, when one judges the Works of this creator, shown since yesterday at the Xanon Gallery in Bilbao: they are not a hymn to the days of festivities, but rather to a world of gloom….

News 4 · J.M.C. L’INDEPENDANT SATURDAY 3 MARCH 2007- Sentimental humanity

The least one can say, is that one does not feel alone in company of the works of Carme Albaiges. The Barcelona artist works, sculpts, draws, paints a plural and singular humanity of which the absence of vision plunges us into interior feelings. Both caustic and compassionate, she explores the common bottom of every being, at the same time asking questions about ourselves, about her and the others. Her figures with blurred out faces, with fallen shoulders, with naked bodies despite being covered by tissues, carry inside them a disenchantment that would twist your soul.
Dubitative interrogative expressions or simply a total lack of expressivity mark these beings, one would see wandering in the park of a n insane asylum.
But it is the folly of the world that orchestrates all this, it is the absurdity of an oppressing system that destroys personalities, it is the absence of redemption that paralyzes the heart and its emotions.
Carme Albaiges cultivates a wonderful aesthetics, the soft roundnes of which mask the cruelty of the autopsy of the feelings. On the surface planes, or in the volume of the sculpture, she constructs anatomies in the form of interrogations, pushing our curiosity to search for the reasons of such anxiety.


The career of Carme Albaiges went through different stages, all of them with a common denominator: the deformation and transmutation of human configuration.
Progressively, over the time, and without losing the basic value of her work, the figures of Carme Albaiges have become more humanized. Lately, her characters have gained in strength and many of them show adiposity, which deform certain zones of the body, such as the abdominal, perineal and pubic zone, they have an absent aspect and, when they are standing up or walking, they look like automates that go away from their surroundings with a secure step and some prolonged superior and astonished extremities, stuck along the body…

NEws 6 · ANGELA MOLINA -1998

Neither Ovidius nor Kafka would have found such a worrisome objective correlative as the figures of Carme Albaiges. Absurd, crazy, follies made of sensations and intimacies which the artist is retouching is if she were stripping her own skin, always in search of self-cognition.
Albaiges constructs the drama of life, models anxieties of the artist and sits down to wait for the anthropomorphic volume sets a step in one or other direction; it is the laugh or the mockery that brings us towards a foreshortening movement, it looks like these figures resist in their contemplation of life or would want to break the space with their indefinable expressions.
Albaiges insists on the fact that her work is a great self-portrait: “Anxieties and restlessness that I get hold of as in a return trip because everything comes out of me….”
The pieces of Carme Albaiges leave behind a sediment of blind melancholy that looks at the light of New Mysteries…

NEws 7 · Hans Moller (el 9 nou) 1993

Carme Albaiges shows a sober bizarre tortured world of anthropomorphic figures that seem to survive despite the inconveniences. Carme Albaiges Works with different materials, among which, cement should be underlined, which as a prime material, allows boldness and treatments, corrections and combinations that other more typical materials would reject. Carme Albaiges opts for less frequent materials in inside sculpture, namely cement strings or steel wire, which are not noble materials. After all, the nobleness of a sculpture remains in its presence as a tangible proposal rather than in the riches or the pure market value of the material it is made of.

NEws 8 · JOSE Mº CADENA. (el periodico) 1991

The exhibition of Carme Albaiges is, in my opinion, optimistic in its totality. It enhances mental lucidities. The faces show eyes that know how to look and acquire expressions, only possible to obtain through active intelligence. The air these Works exhale, worked in polyester and mounted on iron, as to the sculptures, is gratifying for the spirit. Though there are some worrisome questions and limit situations, the conclusion is that if anything must survive, it is not the body, but the creative thinking.

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